People come to me for a lot of reasons...some examples:

  • They have a creative project simmering and they need someone to lead the charge, from soup to nuts. (Do people still say soup to nuts? Hm.)

  • Their creative project feels awkward and they can't figure out what went wrong.

  • Their business is having a hard time connecting with their audience and they aren't sure why.

  • They have it all figured out but they need someone to MAKE IT PRETTY or make their audience FEEL THE FEELS.

  • They're feeling creatively stuck.

Creative Consulting & Direction

Design Consulting & Direction

Project Management

Web Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Art


Styled Stock Photography


Photo Manipulation

Short Video Editing

Creative Writing



I'm a cross-disciplinary creative with over 15 years of design experience. My body of work is eclectic...I've done pro-bono and I've administered and designed a multi-million dollar project.

The problem is...I've grown tired of the noise.  The exhaustive marcomm strategies, the inauthentic "authenticity," the LOOK-AT-ME branding.

You, too?

Although I pride myself in being able to adapt to clients' various styles, my own personal design style is slightly moody.  I like to evoke genuine emotion with my work, bringing attention to the innate value of so much that we experience.

I prefer work with purpose. Work that sparks change.  Work that ignites.

Does that sound like your project?  Let's collaborate.

Together, maybe we can bring some value to the noise.